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Schooling for Surgical Tech - What's Needed

If you are thinking about the schooling that is needed for surgical techs to qualify for entry-level positions in the medical field, you may find the following information useful.

You can obtain surgical tech schooling through career colleges or vocational schools that train students for health care professions. Depending on where you choose to train, your program can last anywhere from a year (diploma or certification of achievement) to two years, resulting in either an Associate of Science (AS) degree or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. A number of factors may influence your decision to attend one or the other, like how quickly you want to enter the workforce and start earning a steady paycheck.

Surgical tech schooling can help prepare you for the following job duties:

  • Prepping patients for surgery
  • Transporting patients to and from surgery
  • Helping to prepare the operating room for surgery
  • Cleaning and sterilizing equipment
  • Passing instruments and supplies to surgery team members
  • Monitoring patients' vital signs
  • And much more

The right kind of schooling can help you prepare for a fast-pace career. Once you become a surgical technician, you will usually be required to undergo lifelong learning to keep pace with educational requirements in your field. You may be able to advance your education through industry seminars or schools offering additional surg tech training.

Whatever program you choose, make sure the program and the school are both accredited. Otherwise, you may not be able to sit for certification exams. Without accredited training, a person may also be restricted with respect to duties and have little room for advancement within their field.

Surgical tech schools can prepare you to work in the following areas:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians' offices
  • Laser centers
  • Surgery centers

When making the decision to attend a surgical technician school, the following things are essential:

  • Conduct research. Choosing the right school can be a challenge. You can research online or visit a school that is close by. Make sure you choose a school with a good track record for graduating and placing students.
  • Attend an accredited program. Make sure the surgical tech program is accredited by either the Commission of Allied Health Education Program (CAAHEP) or Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Graduating from an accredited program can help make you eligible for further advancements in your field.
  • Train in a Clinical Facility. Choose a school that can place you in a clinical or hospital setting during the program. You can gain working experience before you graduate and become quite familiar with your working environment.
  • Apply for financial aid. Financial aid can make the difference between successfully starting and completing your program. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Learn more about the schooling for surgical techs that can help you choose a career path and pursue a brighter future.

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