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Career Services Helps Graduates Find Surgical Tech Jobs

Career services is one of the benefits that distinguishes the Everest experience from what you'd get at a traditional community college or university. As an Everest student, you'll acquire more than just the knowledge and skills you need to be a professional surgical technologist. Through Career Services, you'll also gain the soft skills you need to be an attractive job candidate -- and a valued employee.

Training Begins on Day One

At Everest, your Career Services training begins on day one. You learn the importance of punctuality and how to arrive ready to perform. You can get help honing your time management and professional communication skills. You learn how to take direction, assume personal ownership, work in a team and even how to deal constructively with criticism.

To help you better focus on your studies, we also provide support with personal matters like arranging transportation to and from school, finding quality, affordable daycare and household budgeting.

As your Career Services training progresses, you'll gain life skills and, perhaps most important of all, confidence.

Support After Graduation

You can continue to receive valuable Career Services support after graduation. Need help finding a surgical tech job? Career Services can help you write a winning resume, practice for job interviews and select an impressive professional wardrobe. They can also help you identify and contact local employers, such as hospitals, surgery centers and doctors' offices.

At any time after graduation, you can turn to our Career Services staff for help advancing your career. Even after you leave school, you remain part of the Everest family.

Surgical Tech Sample Cover Letters and Resume

As an example of materials Everest Career Services can provide you, here is a sample cover letter and resume for someone just out of school seeking an entry-level surgical technologist position. Such samples would, of course, be customized to reflect the specific skills and background of the individual seeking employment as well as the needs of the employer looking to hire.

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