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Surgical Tech Salary, Earnings and Pay Scale

The surgical tech profession is good for people looking to make a stable living. Average salaries for a surgical tech are around the same as the national average salary for all occupations. The majority of surgical tech jobs are full time. However, the salary and amount of money you can make as a surgical tech may vary depending on many factors, including geographic location, previous work experience, education level and many other contributors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2011 national averages are as follows:

Surgical Tech Salary and Pay Scale Statistics*

  • Bottom 10 Percent: $29,710 (Anually), $14.29 (Hourly)
  • Median Pay: $41,790 (Annually), $20.09 (Hourly)
  • Top 10 Percent: $60,240 (Anually), $28.96 (Hourly)

Top Paying Industries for this Occupation*

  1. Offices of Other Health Practicioners: $51,900 (Annually), $24.95 (Hourly)
  2. Individual and Family Services: $50,830 (Annually), $24.44 (Hourly)
  3. Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools: $49,620 (Annually), $23.86 (Hourly)
  4. Employment Services: $48,340 (Annually), $23.24 (Hourly)
  5. Specialty (Except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals: $48,060 (Annually), $23.10 (Hourly)

Your salary may also vary depending on your position's title and responsibilities. For example, the 2011 median pay for sterile processing technicians was $30,050 (annually) and $14.45 (hourly), while the 2011 median pay for surgical assistants was $38,080 (annually) and $18.31 (hourly).**

In general, the surgical tech pay scale working for specialists may be higher due to requiring a more specialized skill set and extra duties. You may notice differences in salary trends depending on region. This is due to factors such as demand and competition.

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