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Clinical Rotation Courses

Find out what it is really like on the job. Clinical Rotation I and Clinical Rotation II gives you the opportunity to practice operative procedures within a supervised clinical facility. You will get the chance to apply the skills you learned in previous classes and get hands-on experience with important equipment. These courses can help prepare you for entry-level surgical technologist positions and gain independence in the operating room.

Clinical Rotation I and Clinical Rotation II both cover:

  • Learning behaviors, professionalism and work ethics
  • Working effectively with other surgical team members
  • Planning and preparing during the preoperative and intraoperative phases of surgery
  • Understanding of unique environmental factors
  • Demonstrating the proper use of equipment, aseptic techniques and safety procedures
  • Practicing correct methods with handling sharp tools, and blood and bodily fluids

During your surgical rotations, you will have the opportunity to observe and practice with various surgical procedures and in the central service processing department (CSPD). You might also be exposed to increasingly advanced procedures, as the clinic site allows, to increase your knowledge.

The Surgical Technologist program trains you in both the traditional classroom setting as well as through hands-on, supervised clinical experience to optimize your learning process. You will have the opportunity to take the skills you learned in classes and apply them under direct supervision.

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