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Surgical Pharmacology Course

The Surgical Pharmacology course is structured to give you an overall understanding of the theory and application of surgical pharmacology. You will learn about:

  • Basic terminology associated with pharmacology
  • Legislative laws and history of pharmacology regulation
  • Common pharmacological abbreviations and equivalents
  • Basic and advanced dosage calculations
  • Relationships between drugs and surgical procedures
  • Side effects associated with select drugs
  • Application of drug therapy in a surgical setting
  • Emergency situations that may occur during a procedure and how to handle them
  • Modalities of anesthesia for surgical settings

Through the course, you will also learn about drug classifications, medication administration routes utilized during surgery, blood coagulation and the medications associated with it, the physiology of fluid loss in a patient during a surgical procedure, and many other useful topics.

The Surgical Technologist program is taught through both classroom lecture and hands-on experience in the lab to help you apply the knowledge that you learn in class. Hands-on experience can help you better prepare for the job.

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