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Surgical Technologist Certification Exam Review Course

The Surgical Technologist Certification Exam Review course can help you with test-taking strategies and critical thinking skills, and prepare you to take the Surgical Technologist Certification Exam.

This course will help you use your surgical technologist training, including the following skills:

  • Utilize knowledge learned in other courses throughout the Surgical Technologist program
  • Understand patient safety and proper operating room procedures
  • Apply surgical technology concepts for various clients in selected case studies and clinical scenarios
  • Apply concepts from the curriculum framework to the certification exam
  • Analyze communication skills with diverse populations and team members
  • Utilize program skills in regards to professionalism and provide quality health care
  • Integrate the skills learned throughout the program towards the Surgical Technologist Certification Exam

As a student in the Surgical Technologist program, you will learn through classroom lectures and time spent in the school's clinical and computer labs. Putting your skills into practice can help you with real-world scenarios.

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