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Surgical Technology Courses

The Surgical Technology I and Surgical Technology II classes teach you about preoperative and intraoperative care of surgical patients, including the maintenance and use of surgical instruments in the operating room for these patients. During this course, you may begin to develop critical thinking skills and applicable knowledge for a professional role.

Surgical Technology I covers:

  • Layout and physical environment of an operating room
  • Preoperative checks and paperwork for patients
  • Transportation and positioning of patients prior to a procedure
  • Proper application of the surgical scrub and surgical attire
  • Sterilization in the operating room
  • The examination of biological and chemical monitors to ensure correct functioning
  • Documentation in the operating room
  • Various functions of surgical personnel in the operating room and their variation according to surgical procedure

Surgical Technology II covers:

  • Assisting in application of packing, dressings and drains
  • Identifying basic surgical items needed for procedures
  • Recognizing how tissues react and are restored to normal function following trauma
  • Understanding the basic concepts related to robotic arm and laser surgery
  • Discussing the application of ultrasonic energy used in the operating room
  • Collaborating with other team members in a simulated surgical setting
  • Applying knowledge and ethical standards in an operating room simulation

You will also get experience using various instruments in the operating room and will familiarize yourself with the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative process.

As a student in the Surgical Technologist program, you will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge from classroom lectures in a clinical lab setting. You can practice the skills you learned to better apply them in a real-world scenario.

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